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Welcome to Califf Creations!

This is dedicated to all of my creations: custom crafts and crochet, cooking, and family. It is life and parenting unfiltered. I will share tears, laughter, and all the nitty-gritty of my life as a parent. This is my journey to sanity through creativity and imagination. Using these tools we can do anything! So let’s start creating!

Crochet, Drawing, Crafts, and Fun!

Read all about my crafts and crochet. Find DIY projects and all my tips and tricks for completing projects. I don’t always have all the “proper” tools and so read about how I make what I have work to produce a final product. See my successes and learn from my failures. This is about all my custom creations! Click on the image above to jump to this section.

  • Custom Creations

    • Easy Monthly Creativity for Kids

      Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular. There are so many different kinds. You can get boxes of beauty products, diapers, snacks, and toys. There are boxes for every member of the family. I have looked at what feels like hundreds of different subscription boxes trying to find one I’d like for my son. They always […]

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      Tupperware Painting

      Painting with toddlers is a messy undertaking. My solution is Tupperware painting! This is a really fun way to create some unique art with your little one. All you need is some tape, paper, washable paint, some random objects, and a large Tupperware container.

    • snow, globes, diy, blog
      DIY Snow globes

      When my family came for the holidays I wanted to make something together. My mother came up with this idea and I’m so glad she did! DIY snow globes are fun to make and even more fun to enjoy afterward. It’s a cute decoration that can be tailored to any time of year. Here is […]

Some of my cooking creations.

Everything kitchen! Recipes, meal prep, toddler meals, advice about kids mealtime behavior, cooking tips, and tricks. How I use my freezer to make my life easier, including dump meals for your slow cooker and vacuum sealing. Read about everything I do in the kitchen. Click on the image above to jump to this section.

  • Cooking Creations

    • The Muffin Tin: Not Just For Muffins (with recipes)

      The muffin tin. It seems like such a simply kitchen item. You can’t use it for anything other than regular muffins and cupcakes, right? Wrong! You can cook so many fun little things in a muffin tin. It’s such a great way to make little portion sized recipes that can be enjoyed right away, or […]

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      Super Bowl Chili

      I love football! The super bowl is always a fun excuse to get people together. As the group of people coming gets larger and larger, food starts to become an issue. How am I going to feed so many people? Also, how can I ensure that I won’t miss part of the game because I […]

    • mini, pizza, healthy, toddler
      Mini Zucchini Pizzas

      Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s the first thing I miss when I go on a diet, and it’s the first thing I eat when I end a diet! I had to come up with a delicious and nutritious version of pizza. My family loves zucchini and eggplant. So I thought of the perfect little pizza […]

My son, my family, my life

This is all about my life, myself, and my family. All of what we do and advice about all things family. Find fun things to do with kids and family at any time of the year. Read about how I find time to fit “me time”, chores, and even exercise (I know, shocking) into my busy family life! Parenting is a scary and intimidating adventure that is the most amazing ride of your life. Click on the image above to jump to this section and read all about my roller coaster of an experience.

  • Creating Family

    • 15 Best Toys for a 2-Year-Old

      I can’t believe it, but my son is turning two this week! It happened so fast. With this new age, comes new challenges and milestones. I started looking into what toys are best for this new time in his life. Here I’ve compiled the best toys for 2-year-olds according to my own experience and those […]

    • 13 Indoor Activites for an Active Toddler

      Winter is a tough time to be a toddler. You can’t go to the park. It’s too cold to play outside for long. Being stuck indoors can be boring and toddlers tend to feel cooped up. So how do you entertain an active toddler indoors?

    • family, flu, survivial, blog
      Surviving the Family Flu

      Well, it happened. My son got his first real illness. I know it was inevitable, but we lasted almost two years! Now, he has the flu and of course, my husband and I caught it too. So the whole family is a snotty, coughing, miserable mess. How did we survive? Other than hand sanitizer I […]

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