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Welcome to Califf Creations!

This is dedicated to all of my creations: custom crafts and crochet, cooking, and family. It is life and parenting unfiltered. I will share tears, laughter, and all the nitty-gritty of my life as a parent. This is my journey to sanity through creativity and imagination. Using these tools we can do anything! So let’s start creating!

Crochet, Drawing, Crafts, and Fun!

Read all about my crafts and crochet. Find DIY projects and all my tips and tricks for completing projects. I don’t always have all the “proper” tools and so read about how I make what I have work to produce a final product. See my successes and learn from my failures. This is about all my custom creations! Click on the image above to jump to this section.

Some of my cooking creations.

Everything kitchen! Recipes, meal prep, toddler meals, advice about kids mealtime behavior, cooking tips, and tricks. How I use my freezer to make my life easier, including dump meals for your slow cooker and vacuum sealing. Read about everything I do in the kitchen. Click on the image above to jump to this section.

My son, my family, my life

This is all about my life, myself, and my family. All of what we do and advice about all things family. Find fun things to do with kids and family at any time of the year. Read about how I find time to fit “me time”, chores, and even exercise (I know, shocking) into my busy family life! Parenting is a scary and intimidating adventure that is the most amazing ride of your life. Click on the image above to jump to this section and read all about my roller coaster of an experience.

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